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Update on this weekend’s camping trip

Troop, (please read ENTIRE email)
I apologize for the late notice.
We will have our merit badge courses this Saturday, 03/18/17, but they will be at our Troop Room in Penndel **.  Our Saturday schedule remains the same, arrive at 8:45, classes start at 9:00 AM.  Classes end at 5 PM.  Wear class B.  Bring your completed pre-req’s and any additional items needed for the merit badge classes.
ALL SCOUTS are invited to participate on Saturday.  Any Scout that wants to join us is WELCOME.
This is our schedule of merit badges being offered.  Be aware, some classes overlap.
9-11 crime prevention
9-10 chess
10-11 drafting
11-12 citizenship in the nation
12-1 lunch
1-3 fire prevention
1-2 weather
2-3 personal management
3-5 electricity
3-5 surveying
Bring your mess kits, utensils and drinking mugs for lunch.  Bring a camp chair.  Bring a chess set, if you have it.  The patrols will cook their planned lunches, grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup, with beverages of water and fruit punch.
** We are canceling the camping portion of our trip for safety reasons.  Due to the recent inclement weather, Camp Rodney has some fallen trees and the roads within camp aren’t clear.  We were informed that the camp sites and roads are covered in ice.  We would have to park our trailer at the parking lot and carry all of our gear into our camp site via sleds.  Our camp site is far from the parking lot.
No Scout activities on Friday or Sunday.  We are gathering only on Saturday, at our Troop Room.
Mr. Barrett
SM T82


Merit Badge Weekend Info

Good day,

The planning for this trip is well under way.  Sign-ups for MB’s have been slow.  Below is a list of opportunities.  If you have not signed up please email me back ASAP.  Our councilors need to know how many are taking each class so they can set what pre-reqs they are going to have and I need to try to make up a schedule.  Only one of the Citizen MB’s will be done.  Whichever has more requests.  These are the only MB’s that will be offered in March.  Trish will be finishing up personnel mgt. too.

Toten Chip, Fireman Chip, Chess, Crime Prevention, Drafting, Electricity, Fire Safety, Golf, Surveying and Weather.

One of these: Cit of the Community or Nation

Questions holler,


Departure for this weekend’s camping trip and activity update


We are still going camping this weekend.

I apologize for the late announcement, but we’ve been monitoring the weather.  It looks like the unseasonably warm weather will prevent us from our planned activity of skiing.

We’re doing an alternate activity on Saturday.  So, in keeping with our motto “be prepared”, I ask all that are going on the trip to bring the appropriate personal gear for any of these alternate activities:

  • day hike (poncho, etc.)
  • rank advancement and scout skills (Scout Handbook)
  • games (bring your favorite board games and card games)
  • bowling
  • indoor water park (bring your bathing suit, towel, etc.)

When we get to camp on Friday night, we will discuss our options and the Scouts will determine the best plan.  A reminder to bring money for any alternate activity. We will keep the cost below the original cost of snow sports, within your personal budgets.

PLEASE BE AT THE TROOP HALL BY 6:00 PM tonight, February 24th.

Fritz Sticky Bun Fundraiser


The Google Doc can be found here.

February Ski Trip Update

Just a reminder Monday is payment due night. 

The spreadsheet has changed a little to update a couple of scouts.

Please make sure you have money for Miss Trish on Monday.

Any boys who have a voucher and are not planning on using please bring and give to Mr. Lahner.

We’ll use for someone.

If there is anyone who is going skiing or not and hasn’t signed up, please let Mr. Lahner know so he can get the sheet updated for Monday.

February Camping Trip

February Camping trip sign up sheets are on the board.  Sign ups close on February 13th.

Right now I know of only 3 adults going.  Myself, Mr. Barrett and Mrs Papp.

We need at least 2 and preferably 3 or 4 more to go.

We’ll need 2 deep at the mountain and cabin at the same time.

If we don’t get the help, trip may be in jeopardy.


Stickybun Fundraiser – February 18th and 19th!


Our next fundraiser of the year will be a Fritz’s Sticky Bun sale at all masses the weekend of February 18th and 19th.

As always we ask everyone to help at a least one and preferable two masses. We need SCOUTS at every door (not parents) -people want to support scouting so they need to see the SCOUTS at the doors in Class B uniforms.

Please use the link below to sign up for masses:

If you want to sell outside of mass at work or to family members feel free to do so. Just keep a count and let me know how many of each kind no later than Saturday, February 11th at noon and what mass you will pick them up at.

I am attaching a flyer to help you sell which provides all the detail.  Flier is 2 pages.  Stickybuns are $6.00 a box.

Klondike Derby is THIS WEEKEND!

Scouts, Parents and Leaders.

Klondike Derby is this weekend.  Please arrive at the Troop Hall by 6:00PM with gear, so we can begin loading the troop trailer.  We hope to be on the road no later than 6:30 PM.

Take Down Decorations At Church This Sunday

The church will be undecorated this Sunday, 1/8/17 at 1:00 pm.  We will need as many scouts and adults as possible as we have to take down the outside and inside mangers.  This is a good way to start your 2017 service hours.

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