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Court of Honor, this Saturday 1/27/2018

This Saturday, January 27, starting at 11:00 am in our Troop Room, our Troop will have a Court of Honor to recognize all of our Scouts’ accomplishments.  Wear your full class A uniform.  The Troop will provide donuts and bottled water.
Set up will start at 10:30.

Colin Weeks Eagle Presentation

A reminder for all Scouts to wear their full class A uniform, including merit badges, medals, etc. during this Monday’s meeting on December 4th.  We are celebrating our newest Eagle Scout, Colin, with a presentation that he and his family have provided.  If you can, please arrive a little early, around 6:45.  The presentation will begin about 7:15 and conclude about 7:45.  Then Colin makes the long trip back to school.

Greenery Fundraiser Pickup


Please pick up your greenery orders tomorrow at OLG School Parking lot at 10am

Welcome to the 2017/18 Scouting Year!

Welcome to our newest Scouting year! We have planned a great programming year for your scouts.

As a reminder, we meet on Monday evenings at 7 pm at Our Lady of Grace Troop Room which is in the basement of the school. Please be on time as we plan action-packed hour and a half meetings. Your scout needs to attend these Monday meetings to get the most out of the program. Most camping trips are the third weekend of each month and instead of a scout meeting that following Monday, we have a Committee meeting for the adults. This is the time for the adult leadership to plan and improve the program and discuss any issues or changes needed. It is your time to help shape and mold the program. All parents / guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate. Please take the time to attend these meetings. They are very informative and we can use any input you can give to make the Troop and the Scouting experience even better for our boys.

Attached is the registration form for the upcoming year. Registration forms and fees are now due and must be remitted no later than October’s committee meeting on October 30th but the sooner the better.

We would like to take some time to talk about what makes a successful Troop. Our Troop has maintained its success rate because of the adult involvement that provides leadership and support. It takes many volunteers from all our scouting families to make our Troop run successfully. This will only make our program stronger and encourage your scout to stick with the program.

Effective January 1, 2018, 100% of all Direct Contact Leaders (Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster) MUST be BSA trained for their position. Camping trips may be in jeopardy of being canceled due to lack of trained adults. Adult Leaders must complete the required basic training and PA State required checks by December 31, 2017. The Troop highly recommends that any parent that wants to be involved take the BSA specific trainings as well. Ask any of the Troop leaders for details and guidance if you are not sure how to get trained.

We have seen a lot of transition in the last year with some of our scouting families with older boys retiring or taking advisory roles, and some newer scouting parents stepping into key leadership positions. Below is a list of our current Troop adult leadership lineup:

  • Chartered Organization Representative – Joe Seborowski
  • Committee Chair – Nick Lodise
  • Webmaster & Calendar – Andy Pastuszak
  • Treasurer – Tricia Valentine
  • Treasurer In Training – Vacant
  • Secretary – Celeste Idell
  • Scoutmaster – Ray Barrett
  • Scoutmaster Emeritus – Paul Buffington
  • Assistant Scoutmaster – Debbie Barrett
  • Assistant Scoutmaster – Tom Markert
  • Assistant Scoutmaster – Joe Ciaudelli
  • Assistant Scoutmaster – Charlie Gutherman
  • Assistant Scoutmaster – John Kleinfelder
  • Assistant Scoutmaster – Mark Reichardt
  • Service Coordinator – Kathleen Seborowski
  • Advancement – Jim Crossland
  • Eagle Coordinator – Tom Miller
  • Medical Form Coordinator – Cara Papp
  • Vehicle Coordinator – Christine Pastuszak
  • Fundraising Coordinator – Debbie Kleinfelder
  • Program/Trip Coordinator – Bob Lahner
  • Picnic/ Social Coordinator – Vacant
  • Communications Liaison – John Kleinfelder

We can use your time and talents to help make our Troop more successful. If you wish to take on a role within the Troop, please speak to me, or any of our adult leaders. Your talents can help the Troop! Please consider helping in any way you can. Moreover, even if you do not hold a formal position, there are many ways we need your contributions throughout the scouting year.

We need adults to help with:

  • merit badge counselors
  • to coordinate and spend time making bows for our Christmas fundraiser
  • to help our picnic/social coordinator plan, set up and clean up
  • our fundraising coordinator can always use help for the many fundraisers whether it is help organizing, making signs, advertising etc.
  • we need parents to go on camping trips (need YPT, State Police criminal record check, and child abuse history clearance). The Archdiocese also requires their Protecting God’s Children course.
  • drivers to get our scouts to the trip sites
  • people to help man stations at the Klondike Derby, camporees etc.

We ask that as we begin a new year each family take a moment and commit to something significant they will contribute to the Troop to help share the work and make us a better, more well-rounded Troop. This is a huge benefit to our sons!

Fundraising is an integral part of how we pay for the great trips and programs we plan for our children. We have noticed a serious decline in attendance at fundraising events and this needs to be corrected as we move into the 2017/18 scouting year. We cannot have a few families doing the lion’s share of this effort. This is not optional, but part of each family’s responsibility to the Troop. We need families to help with these fundraisers, even if it is not always convenient. We understand that you may need to miss one fundraiser but we ask that you look at the calendar and plan accordingly to have at least one family member support each event!

Operationally, everyone needs to pay registration fees. This year’s registration form is attached to this email. It will also be available at the Troop room. Fundraising pays for a large portion of the scouting activities. All scouts need to contribute $15 for food for each camping trip they attend as well as $5 for travel fee gas and tolls. Most trips are paid by the Troop’s operating budget. There are generally 2 or 3 trips a year which require scout funding to pay for the activities. These are generally the “bigger trips”. The Troop pays for the lodging and food. This year the Scout funding trips are skiing and Knoebel’s. If the budget allows, the Troop will contribute $20 for each scout towards those activity fees as well as for all lodging. This is why fundraising is so important!

To plan our camping weekends, we need scouts to sign up for trips in advance. The sign-up sheets are located on the bulletin board in the Troop Room. Please take note of the sign-up cut off dates. These are necessary for us to book the trips. If your scout commits to a weekend and something prevents them from attending, you are responsible for reimbursing the Troop for any out of pocket expenses incurred.

If there are additional questions, please reach out to me or one of the other leaders for clarification. We are looking forward to a GREAT year!

Yours in scouting,

Ray Barrett

Fritz Sticky Bun Fundraiser!

Scouts and families,

Our first fundraiser of the year will be a Fritz’s Sticky Bun sale at all masses the weekend of September 30th and October 1st.

As always we ask everyone to help at least one and preferable two masses. We need SCOUTS at every door (not parents) -people want to support scouting so they need to see the SCOUTS at the doors in Class B uniforms. ALSO, if you sign up for masses it is very important you show up. We have 5 doors to cover at church and if I don’t have enough scouts, that is profits loss for the troop.

Please use the link below to sign up for masses:

If you want to sell outside of mass at work or to family members feel free to do so. Just keep a count and let me know how many of each kind no later than Friday, September 22nd at noon and what mass you will pick them up at.

I am attaching a flyer to help you sell which provides all the detail. Flier is 2 pages. Stickybuns are $6.00 a box.

Summer Camp Swim Test

The before camp swim test is Friday 6/2 at Shaffer middle school in Bensalem.  Everyone that wants to go in the pool and get out of the shallow end needs to take the test.

Cost is 3.00, be ready to swim at 6:50.  Siblings welcome.

Cash Wash and Bake Sale!

Make sure you share with family and friends and get them out to have their cars washed and enjoy breakfast or lunch with the scouts! Get the word out by sharing the attached flyer or sharing our event on your facebook page with link below:
To sign up to work or donate baked goods or supplies:
Click the LINK below or copy it into the URL line on a new tab:
Remember if we want to do great trips we need all to help fund raise!!!!
Debbie K.

PLC Meeting Moved!

Tonight’s PLC meeting has been moved to Thursday, June 1, 2017.

The Vietnam Traveling Wall Is Coming

Hello Scouters,

I hope the evening finds you well and your Mothers Day was the Best 🙂

Please Mark Your Calenders

On July the 14th 15 & 16th 8:30 am to 9:00 pm  their is a very big event that is happening in Penndel. The Vietnam Traveling Wall is coming. The wall is 3/5 large-scale replica of the of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC.

 This is a very rare event for the Delaware Valley. The wall will be set up at the Penndel Memorial Ball Field on PFC John Dalola Ball Field.

Moms Dads Scouts we have been asked by The Wall Committee as Scouting Volunteers to participate with assistance for this Great event. 

What would we be doing? 

Help Police in the ball field,

Handing out programs,

Setting up & removing the seating every morning and night,

Working in the parking area policing the area and helping to keep the buses clean.

If any adults  would like to volunteer at other times there will be other needs as well.

All scouts will be asked to wear a class B uniform. 

You will be able to help with some or all.

For more information on The Wall check out their page on Facebook

This is an honor for our Troop 82 and families to be asked. 


I will be the contact person

Should you have any Questions feel free respond



Yours In Scouting

Committee Chair

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