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Update on this weekend’s camping trip

Troop, (please read ENTIRE email)
I apologize for the late notice.
We will have our merit badge courses this Saturday, 03/18/17, but they will be at our Troop Room in Penndel **.  Our Saturday schedule remains the same, arrive at 8:45, classes start at 9:00 AM.  Classes end at 5 PM.  Wear class B.  Bring your completed pre-req’s and any additional items needed for the merit badge classes.
ALL SCOUTS are invited to participate on Saturday.  Any Scout that wants to join us is WELCOME.
This is our schedule of merit badges being offered.  Be aware, some classes overlap.
9-11 crime prevention
9-10 chess
10-11 drafting
11-12 citizenship in the nation
12-1 lunch
1-3 fire prevention
1-2 weather
2-3 personal management
3-5 electricity
3-5 surveying
Bring your mess kits, utensils and drinking mugs for lunch.  Bring a camp chair.  Bring a chess set, if you have it.  The patrols will cook their planned lunches, grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup, with beverages of water and fruit punch.
** We are canceling the camping portion of our trip for safety reasons.  Due to the recent inclement weather, Camp Rodney has some fallen trees and the roads within camp aren’t clear.  We were informed that the camp sites and roads are covered in ice.  We would have to park our trailer at the parking lot and carry all of our gear into our camp site via sleds.  Our camp site is far from the parking lot.
No Scout activities on Friday or Sunday.  We are gathering only on Saturday, at our Troop Room.
Mr. Barrett
SM T82


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